Stardate 20141105

Sure you deserve that bacon cheeseburger and fries, but you’re not that selfish.

Don’t be selfish to your family
They may need you someday. They may need you to stay healthy and strong so you can take care of them when times get tough. They will not want to watch you suffer because of your previous unhealthy lifestyle.

Don’t be selfish to your kids
They need you to stay active so you can enjoy playing and connecting with them. They need you teach them all the values you want to pass on to them. They need you healthy so you can take them to school, soccer practice and piano recitals.

Don’t be selfish to your spouse
Wouldn’t you rather spend money extravagant vacations and sparkly jewelry than doctors’ visits and medication?

Don’t be selfish to your parents

Parents want to see their kids happy and healthy, not sick and depressed.

Don’t be selfish to Your Future Self
Your future self wants to be active and energetic. Your future self wants choices.