If you properly feed the Beast, it will thrive and flourish.

Here’s a hint: Don’t feed it.

What does the Beast love? The Beast loves Trans Fat. Partially hydrogenated anything makes the beast happy. It comes back begging for more. Demanding more.

The Beast loves some HFCS, High Fructose Corn Syrup. Maybe you’re heard of it. If you are not intentionally avoiding it, you are probably supplying the Beast amply. It is everywhere. You may see or hear debates about how it is no worse for you than sugar. Try for yourself. Cut the Beast off for a couple weeks. Watch how it screams and begs for more. Then watch how it beings to shrink, lose its power and lose its hold on you.

Refined grains, enriched flour. They are good for Creeping Obesity. Read the labels on food. It will say “enriched,” which sounds nice. It is nice…for the Beast.

If you don’t like the Beast, then cut it off. It won’t thrive where it don’t get fed.

What are you feeding the Beast?