I just read an article about a student who is spending days and nights in a lab, working on a better understanding of what causes obesity. I don’t want to say who or where, because the article was more about the obstacles of the student’s demographics than about obesity. You find that stuff in plenty other sites.

Although I fully support any scientific research, particularly where our health is concerned, I beg you not to wait for this student’s findings.

Science has its time and its place, and I agree that it should be most times and most places. Just not now. Don’t wait for science to confirm what is causing obesity. We all know it’s bad food and sedentary lifestyle. It will be hugely tempting to say, “hmmm. Let’s not eat healthily and start an exercise routine just yet. Let’s see what the scientist finds out.”

Let excitement for what this student will find ring on, but don’t wait for it. Stop eating the bad stuff and start eating the good stuff. Stop sitting at the computer and television. Get up and move.

By the time she (or he) publishes his (or her) findings, will you be a few pounds lighter, much more energetic, and sick a lot less often? Or will you be a few pounds heavier and caught up on some new dramatic series?