It sounds like nonsense, but it makes perfect sense. You are what what you eat eats. Let’s break it down.

You are what you eat. You’ve heard that before, right? Only since Kindergarten. If you put healthy stuff in your body, then you are healthy. If you exercise, what are you going to be? Probably healthy. Probably. If you put junk in your body, then you are going to be junky.

What about a cow? If you feed a cow healthy food and give it plenty of room to roam around and get some exercise and fresh air, what kind of cow is it going to be? A healthy cow. What if you feed the cow junk food? What if you feed it corn and processed grains and don’t give it any plant products to give it the nutrients it needs? You’re going to have a fat, sick cow.

What if you eat beef or drink milk? Do you want to eat beef that is full of sugar from corn and whatever the stuff is in the processed grains?

And what about chicken? Do you want to eat a chicken–or eggs from a chicken–that has never seen the sun? Do you want to eat chicken–or eggs from a chicken–that has no room to walk, that because of hormones and bad food is too fat for its legs to support it, so its sit amongst other sick chickens, dead chickens and the feces of all her coop mates? Do you want to consume a chicken that is full of bacteria and disease that have mutated and become resistant to the loads of antibiotics it was filled with?

That is just gross.

I’m not saying you should eat meat or chicken. I’m saying if you do, try to choose well. If you eat fat, sick meat, you’re more likely to get sick and fat yourself.

Be nice to chickens and they’ll be nice to you!