Last week, the AMA declared that Obesity is a disease. Yesterday, I told you what is good about that. You waited patiently to find out what I think is Bad about the AMA declaring that Obesity is a disease. Now here’s the payoff!

It will result in more medication prescriptions. I fear it will further remove personal responsibility from the equation. It ignores problems with the food supply. I do not think it solves the problem. I think it takes a stroll around that problem, not that I’m opposed to strolling. It may even be taking action for the sake of taking action. MAY be.

If insurance companies cover more Obesity treatments, it is possible the more active role doctors will take will be in the form of prescribing more pills. Docs are already prescribing pills for all the side-effects of obesity: high-blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, ED (That’s right, I said “ED.”) and all the other stuff on this AMA web page discussing Obesity’s Related Conditions. Is it possible that rather than patients taking the non-prescription action to remove the cause of all their diseases, the causes of all the medication they already take, that they will take another pill to treat the Obesity? Next they’ll have to prescribe more pills to treat the side-effects of the Obesity pill. That is a vicious–and expensive–circle. Without improved nutrition, your body still won’t get the nutrients it craves.

Personal Responsibility. Please don’t think that because Obesity is a disease that there is nothing you can do about it. Sure there are exceptions. Many people do have actual medical conditions that may render nutrition and fitness less- or ineffective. That is not the case for the majority. For most of us, Obesity is in our control and is our own responsibility. Another exception might be children. If your children are obese, it is kinda your fault. I’m just sayin’, and I don’t like sayin’ “I’m just sayin’.”

I just thought of this. Just now, right after I typed that previous sentence, so I may change my mind on this in a few hours or a few months. Ready? Here goes.

The best defense against Obesity is Personal Responsibility.

There. I capitalized and bolded some words for effect.

Finally, it ignores problems with the food supply. I realize there is some pressure from the government and from some large companies to not criticize said companies for the damage they are doing to the food supply, thus to us, but that is just the case. You have to learn about where your food comes from. You have to know about what you eat ate. If what you eat ate poorly, then you are eating poorly when you eat something that ate poorly.

You are what what you eat ate. I just got an idea for another post.

There you have it: The Bad. Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll discuss The Ugly.