So last week, the AMA declared that Obesity is a disease. I’m sure you’d like to hear from me whether or not I think it is a disease. I am here to tell you with a great deal of certainty that I do not know.

Obesity does cause other diseases. It causes several, awful–yet preventable–diseases. See a list of those diseases here on an AMA page discussing steps to a healthier lifestyle. There are many things that causes diseases, but causing a disease doesn’t make something a disease. Does it?

I think I understand why the good doctors decided to classify obesity as a disease. I believe their intentions are good. Mostly.

Here is the good. Maybe it will help raise more awareness. Maybe the government and the private sector will spend more money on research and treatment and all that good stuff. Doctors will take a more active role in treating obesity. Maybe insurance companies will cover more of those….treatments. All those things would be good, right?

I don’t think so. Why? Because of the The Bad.

Want to know why I think this classification is bad? Then stay tuned.