Superfoods are super foods, but they’re not the only foods that are super.

Eating a variety of super foods is better than eating a lot of any particular Superfood.

When a super food becomes a Superfood, everybody wants it. It’s going to cure you of every ailment, tone your muscles and trim your tummy, so of course everyone wants it. When everyone wants the new Superfood, it is going to become harder to find and more expensive.

Don’t stress over the latest Superfood. Eating a handful of Acai berries every day this week will not turn you into a supermodel by Monday.

[Superfood does not equal Supermodel]

Variety is the key, not any particular food. Sure, wheat grass and noni have a little extra something that’s gonna do your body good, but the best formula is a mix of nutrients.

A daily variety of super foods will be superior (superer?) to any single Superfood. Save your money, time and sanity. Shop the produce section. Try new fruits and vegetables you’ve never tried. Mix it up and mix it up consistently.