Misguided response to obesity epidemic | The Daily Journal | thedailyjournal.com.

Not to keep picking on Mayor Bloomberg, but you can’t legislate intelligence. As the writer states and asks, “The selectivity of Bloomberg’s ban is nonsensical. Why sugary drinks, but not sugary cakes, sugary pies and other foods that are bad for you?”

This is just a guess on my part, but he’s going for the easy answer. Yes, drinking sugary drinks will lead to obesity. Drinking one 32-oz drink will not make you fat. Drinking one or two 12-oz drinks every day for a few months will cause you to start packing on fat. It looks to me as if he doesn’t really understand the cause of the obesity epidemic.

For the sake of keeping otherwise good information free of political dribble, whether or not the Gov has the right to pass this law is not my concern here. Not here. Although the Mayor is at least trying something, it would seem he is doing something to gain the reputation as the politician who did something. He is getting all the publicity he could have wanted, but this will do nothing to solve the obesity problem in New York or anywhere else.

Ultimately, we individuals have to make intelligent choices. Politicians can’t do that for us.

Perhaps Mayor Bloomberg to learn a lesson from Mayor Betsy Price of Fort Worth, TX. Mayor Price often participates in fitness events around Fort Worth and leads weekly bicycle tours of Fort Worth on Wednesday night. I don’t even want to know which party she belongs to. I like her too much for that!