Here is my first example of Creepy Food.

It caught my eye, because it says “wholesome.”  The brand name is Wholesome Harvest.  Sounds healthy, right?  Then it says “The goodness of grains.”  If only.

Wholesome Harvest

It says right on the front


No artificial ingredients.

Let’s flip it over and read the ingredients.  Let’s see what this stuff is really made of.

Not so wholesome...

The first ingredient is enriched wheat flour.  That is as empty as calories can get.  If you eat Wholesome Harvest and wonder why you are still getting fat, there it is.  Ingredient numero uno.  Our of curiosity, let’s try to find those 9 grains in the ingredients.

1.  Whole wheat flour

2.  oat flour

3. cracked wheat

4. barley flakes (contains less than 2%)

5. corn meal (contains less than 2%)

6. rye meal

7. millet

I only count 7.

Maybe they are counting the wheat flour and barley flour used to make the enriched what flour.  Maybe.

Still, in spite of how healthy the packaging makes this bread look, it is a Creepy Food.  It will make you and your children obese.