Obesity lurks all around us, in almost every box in the grocery store and every plate in the restaurant, just waiting to sink its teeth into you and not let go. It creeps, slowly from all directions and from the inside out until it becomes part of you.  Then it hangs on for dear life.  Yours.

To fight obesity, you have to fight it.   You have to pay attention, because it doesn’t stop.  If you ignore it, it will find you.

I’m here to help you.  I’m going to tell you where it lurks, where it creeps.  We’ll shut it down, and then root it out.

Food manufacturers camouflage it.  To them, it’s a cheap ingredient.  To you, it’s inflated health care costs; it’s sluggishness and listlessness; it’s dissatisfaction with your appearance.

It may be a mystery to you. You may not know where it is or what it is.  I’m going to show you all its forms, so you’ll recognize it when you see it.  I’m going give you x-ray vision, so you can see it where it hides.   I’ll give you force fields to deflect it and weapons to fight it.

If you’re ready to destroy it, then let’s go.